I shifted to Bangalore in 2015 to start a new journey that was my first Job there. I was pretty lucky to already have friends over there, who could help me with my stay and make me familiar with a new city easily.
Still there was a lot which I had to manage on my own after leaving home for the first time and as I mentioned my love for painting and drawing, this was the first painting I did sitting at home sometime after work sitting with all my friends, chit chatting and having a drink probably.

Shifting to a new place made me learn a lot of things, let’s just say managing me in a different manner altogether. When you are a girl, living independently in a country like India, the freedom comes with a lot of constraints, like it came for me too and would be same for many out there, taking examples like, coming home on time, taking care of yourself when surrounded by strangers in a new city, your behavior towards others so it doesn’t turn against you and the list goes on and on.

What I wanted to say with this painting of mine, let people say what they want to, it’s all okay at the end of hectic day when you are trying to make something out of your life, your career, to have a drink or two with your friends, chilling at a movie theater even if it is with a bunch of your guy friends, going out for a night stroll, not taking up any calls to keep your mind at peace, eat whatever you want, or just watching some series over internet, all this is fine and be that what you want and basically DO WHAT YOU WANT.


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