Do you love the candle lights and nights?
Then probably you’ll love the beach side shacks for those if you love sitting in dim lights by beach side with good food and great company to share your time with.

So, starting with it, this was my first trip ever on my own with my friends to a location which I was curious to visit from the time , you could say I was in my senses! and many would have same feelings for this place..GOA!!

Yes, GOA it is, my very fist time, an impromptu trip, with my friends after shifting to Bangalore, five of us, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After reaching Goa, we have few obstacles for reaching our resort and settling down there, but the moment I was in Goa, all I knew was, this is it, I have to sink it in such a way that I can never get it out my head till today, what those 2 days were full off.

This click was taken at Curlies, Anjuna Beach, Goa as we all sat down for our dinner and chit chat session of planning the long night ahead having delicious food and me clicking these cute candle lamp shades to add a little charm to the night

From midnight scooter rides to beach and on the crazy roads of Goa, when you are searching for a party, and end up going to some lame places, wishing my friend on the roads, still searching for a party but nowhere to go as September is off season for Goa. Driving back to resort with the things on mind that can only make you feel happy. Star gazing while riding, no noise to disturb, sitting on the balcony and watching the waves hitting shore, is what will sooth you when you look for that silence to search yourself.

My experiences with GOA is way different from many people, and many of you could have more interesting then mine and I would love to hear about then in comment section below, let’s just spill some beans on our dark candle lights spent on Goa beaches.

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