One fine Sunday morning when you wake up in a different city where your home isn’t and you don’t find your family deciding on what to eat and where to go, you sometimes end up being cranky!
This what happened to me that day and I fought with my only go to person away from home, while every one was planning to go to a high end place for Sunday brunch, what I wanted was personal one in not so fancy place where I can order something like Lemon Juice and a pav bhaji (a street food) with some good music.

We decided on Monkey Bar, Indiranagar, Bangalore , you can figure it out from the featured click itself.

After much of arguments, I order a Juice and pav bhaji for myself to indulge in the flavor of my city (Delhi).


Yes, it was delicious as it looks, with some french toasts and tea, it all becomes what you want and what kind of Sunday Brunch it is all about.

There will be people around you going for free boozing and a lot of food for Sunday brunching, you don’t need to follow the same pack, making your own choices is really important , being comfortable with them is important and realizing your worth and where you exactly belong without fitting in is important and moreover spending quality time with your loved ones after a small fight is a feeling nothing beats!

Agreed? 🙂


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