The questions arises in the start itself, are you a Sunset person or Sunrise person?

Both phenomenons have different meanings and that each holds a significance of it’s own person to person let’s just say. This one is from my trip to Kerala with family for our annual vacation you can say.
This one is clicked in Kovalam, a town in Kerala with beautiful beach line, you can say mini Goa for sure with kind of shacks, restaurants, crowd and those flee markets.

At the moment, we came back from a long walk all the way to the top of Lighthouse situated at the end of beach line, which was n attraction in itself and the curiosity of watching the view from top of it.


And then after we came back from there after looking at the mesmerizing view of Kovalam from the top, we came down walking by the beach enjoying the kids playing, waves touching my feet, that feeling of calmness that rushes in the full boy after that touch is incredible and I bet many of you would be familiar to it.

I clicked the image while I was enjoying the sunset, which by the way is what I love the most out of the two, looking at the sun going down , immersing in the sea at far end leaving the sky in a beautiful hues of blue, orange, red. The calm and peace you get at sitting by the beach and watching Sunset is something one of the best feels when you need break from your monotonous routine.


Post sunset this was me, standing with my feet dipped in the sand and enjoying the waves touching me and filling me with a sense of happiness that can make me going for next few months in hectic schedule of life.

Beaches, sunsets and water holds this much of importance in my life and I’m sure many of us are on same page when it comes to this, for I can spend my whole sitting there 🙂


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