Monsoon season it is in Goa.. and the fun should be unlimited taking the season and of course the place!
A bunch of friends..chilling after a long…is should very long night, driving from one corner of Goa to another without any stop and ending up here at Aguada Fort Goa to enjoy the scenic beauty of place.

The look on each face says something different in itself , the eyes behind those shades would be speaking a 1000 words at the moment if you see them, the smiles says 1000 more, I can still feel this picture by just looking at it, how happy, carefree, calm, at peace we were at the moment this picture was clicked, no one caring about the dresses, hair, stares we were getting at that time.

Before this morning, was a night of Monsoon Blast at Hill Top , psychedelic music, trance and a bit of techno, those flashing lights in dark, with hundreds of people around of different kind in their own space, and all you want to do is grooving to the music leaving behind all worries in the world outside that area. Then we decided to move out from that place and moved to Vagator Cliff Beach area, where six of us sat down with our music, in a circle under the sky full of stars, moon looking down at us with sea beneath.
This was one sight, which is still fresh in my mind and will be for rest of my life as that night in which you have all that you want- friends, good music, your space to dance and talk, a bit of drizzling with cool breeze is something which is beyond words.

lala land ride
something untold

Before reaching Aguada Fort, was the Lala Land ride which we had, first not knowing of where to go, then suddenly we realized, we are driving out of Goa..and then one of us took the lead to destination and we reached the beautiful spot to get rid of the tiredness by sitting on the cliff while the waves hitting it sprinkled water on us to make us happiest.

So, once in a while, it is great to go on such trips, where you get lost for few hours or probably days and cut off yourself from the world to enjoy the company you love and alongside discover yourself a little bit more.

Whatsay? 🙂

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