The weekend which happened to be the second week of February, 2018 has been best till date with friends, specially when it is an impromptu trip and you planned without giving a second thought to it.

Alibaug , a small island near Mumbai, never thought of visiting this place and that too without any planning of going there, but was super excited to meet the people I was going with and definitely my love for beaches couldn’t make me say no to this. It was only a month before this when I got to know about the trip happening and was very keen to go to see a new place and stay in a bungalow for two days with eight friends with no phone network, what could be best then this.

Few joined from Gujarat, one from Hyderabad and we went from Delhi, we met in Mumbai first, which by the way is the city I love after Delhi, we went to ‘the’ famous Leopold Cafe in Colaba  and had few drinks before planning the action for the day which was catching a ferry to Mandwa. Mumbai is my second love in cities because of its free spirit in people and environment, where you can feel safe and happy at the same time, the night life and sea facing buildings plus the coastal line where you can sit all day long and forget about all the worries of life at least for once. My experience with Mumbai is so good , that I can go settle there for my life for the love of Bollywood, fashion, street food and beaches.

Coming back to my trip, when we took the ferry, the site during the ride was fantastic.The ferry was surrounded by seagulls in search of food from us and we had all the time staring at them and there skills of catching food flying the air and then sitting back and having it in the water. What a view it was, leaving behind the chaos of city life and going away from all clutter to a peaceful place away from reality you may say for sometime.


Above picture will give you an idea of the beautiful view we had while our 45 minutes of ferry ride.

Once we reached Mandwa, we took a local bus to Alibuag , from where we hired two-wheeler and reached our home for two days, THE LEGEND near Nagaon Beach with a distance of just 10 minutes. The place to stay was so peaceful and beautiful, that you could stay there for rest of your life, no network coverage, no wi-fi, an open garden to sit in, with bicycles to ride, badminton to play, a hammock to swing out all out tensions and just lie there watching the stars in night was the best thing I did for two nights.


The above is from one of the evening we were at the beach before the long night we were going to have back in our bungalow. The silent beach with not much people gives you the best to enjoy the sunset, the surroundings and connect with yourself a bit more.This click was as perfect as the evening and that night could be.

All I got back from this trip was, a lot and lot of happy ,sweet memories to cherish for life, an unsaid bond with my people, a new travel experience, a happy heart and a little more clear self.


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